Google Approved Photographer

360° image of a fence in a field

360° Photography

If you are interested in becoming a Google Approved Photographer, then the process begins by completing a form directly on Google. After this is submitted, you will need to wait for a response from Google before you can go further in the process. Please be aware that being approved or not relies heavily on your geographical area and the availability of other photographers in that same area.

As a Google Trusted Photographer you are then made available to Google business users to employ to take photographs of their premises in order to make them into a 360 or street view. This is then added to the business information when they are searched for by Google users.

Google are not currently advertising the fact that they are looking for photographers to join them which is why you many not have heard of this opportunity. However, if you are a professional photographer and wish to become a Google business photographer, then register you interest by submitting the form on Google today.