360° image of city

360° View Photography

Google are the biggest and most popular search engine on the Internet; their brand name has also become synonymous with the act of searching; people now say ‘I will Google it’, meaning that they will use a search engine to find their desired information.

Google are now offering more services to users than ever before, including their street view and 360 photographic tours of streets and shops. These services are excellent for businesses as it allows potential customers to have a look at the shop and premises before they actually visit, so shopkeepers can show off how wonderful their store is.

The new photographic features are great for customers also as it allows them to see the shop or business premises before they make a purchase or visit, and the street view function allows them to virtually walk the surrounding area, making an unfamiliar location more accessible.

In order to create these photographic works, you need to be a Google approved photographer. As Google wishes to maintain its high standard and services, they first vet potential photographers to ensure that their work will be up to standard and give a true reflection of the premises as well as the reputation for quality that Google has.

In order to become a Google approved photographer, you have to meet certain criteria. If this is something that you are interested in, keep reading to learn more.